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Have him enter you from here. This can be nice if he is able to focus less on thrusting and more on connecting, says Kerner. You face him, straddling his lap. "With that support, you can get a good rhythm going.". How to: Get on all fours. In other words, clit stimulation is a must when it comes to mind-blowing sex. How to: Your partner sits cross-legged, and you sit in his lap facing him. If he has the strength for it, that could definitely work, says Kerner.

How to: From missionary position, without pulling out, turn together onto your sides, using your arms to support your upper bodies. If it isnt working: Stabilize yourself (you may have to come down from the balls of your feet unless your guy can support you with one hand and have him touch your clitoris just the way you like. Have him enter you here, pressing close together so his penis can rub up against your clit. Fantastic Four s Mister Fantastic when you need him? It may be hard to stimulate yourself because youre on both hands, but he can lean over and reach under to touch your clitoris, says Kerner. Deviate from the thrusting norm, and focus on friction for maximum results. You can also try throwing one leg up against his shoulder for deeper penetration.

You can also try intertwining your legs here, for extra stimulation. How to: From missionary position, raise your legs and extend them straight out, forming a V shape. How to: This is a modified doggy-style. Have your partner enter you from behind, while holding your hips for extra thrusting support. If he rides a little higher, he wont just be thrusting, says Kerner. Does it provide awesome sensations for your nether regions? How to: Lie on your right side. You already know pretzels taste good, but contorting your bodies into one can make for explosive pleasure. Face-Off image align"center" size"medium" caption" expand" crop"original image. although it can also work with a dude whos got average appendages.

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Doggie Style/Rear Entry image align"center" size"medium" caption" expand" crop"original image. How to: Lie back with your legs raised all the way up and your ankles crossed behind your own head. If it isnt working: Have him support your weight, then lean back for more clitoral contact against his body. Its a great position for a lot of contact and grinding. That grinding action will help make your clit happy. Pretzel Dip image mediaId" cd9-4638-80cb-29a96ff5546f" align"center" size"medium" caption" expand" crop"original image. The Seashell image align"center" size"medium" caption" expand" crop"original image Opening up is a good thing when youre trying to get off. If it isnt working: One of you can slip a hand down south to get the most out of this position.

Try rubbing up and down against him or rolling your hips in mini circles until you find what feels best. You know how in, a Midsummer Nights Dream, Shakespeare famously wrote, And though she be but little, she is fierce? How to: Get into a partial bridge pose, with your weight resting on your shoulders. When hes in a comfortable enough position, he can try to reach under you and provide clitoral stimulation, says Kerner. That way, you may be able to support yourself enough to get the job done on your own. Have your partner lean back. He can rub your clit from this position, or you can take matters into your own hands.

Get more bang for your buck. D., author of, she Comes First. If it isnt working: Not feeling enough pressure? Thats why we rounded up a few expert-approved moves that will hit all the right spots. Editoriallinks but given that your clitoral glansthat nub you can see on the outside, which contain the most nerve endings in the clit, 8,000 to be exactcan be anywhere from.5 to 4 centimeters away from your vaginal entrance. This position offers the best of both worlds: ultimate closeness to your partner and plenty of clitoral stimulation. If you need a stronger touch, feel free to grab his butt and pull him deeper inside of you so his pelvic area presses harder against your clitoris. How to: Lie on your back while your partner lies facedown on top of you.

If it isnt working: Have him scoot his entire body higher up horizontally. Think of it as him dipping you during a dance says Kerner. You can adjust your height by lifting your hips higher, or going up on your tip-toes. While this position is a natural for G-spot stimulation, it can be a winner for your clitoris, too. If he leans forward, its easier to manually stimulate you says Kerner.

Ask your partner to reposition his body a bit higher so his pelvis is right against your clitoris, says Kerner. When your vulva is very exposed, theres a lot of clitoral and inner labial stimulation, says Kerner. Research shows its clitoral stimulation, not vaginal stimulation, that is the powerhouse of the female orgasm, says sex therapist. Your partner kneels behind you, with his upper body straight up or slightly draped over you. Reverse Scoop image id"1f79316a a530-52ce8a42e6af" align"center" size"medium" caption" expand" crop"original image. Missionary image mediaId"7da331f b951-00ca673e21c5" align"center" size"medium" caption" expand" crop"original image. Go to town with your hands, and focus on the visual of him sliding in and out of you if you need some erotic fuel. The Pinball Wizard image align"center" size"medium" caption" expand" crop"original image Does it look like the dirty version of a move youd do in barre class? If it isnt working: Ask him to lean over even more so his hand can stay pressed up against your clitoris, or transition from thrusting into smoother grinding motions. How to: Your partner sits on a char or the edge of the bed.

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The Om image align"center" size"medium" caption" expand" crop"original image If you need long-lasting clitoral stimulation, you can settle into this comfortable position and stay a while. The key here is getting really close, then changing up the direction of your movements. This position is about persistently connecting and grinding against each other, says Kerner. Either stimulate your own clit with one hand, while balancing on the other, or ask your partner to take total control. This will provide deep penetration and easy clit access.

Valedictorian image align"center" size"medium" caption" expand" crop"original image This easy transition from missionary may not seem like a clitoris-pleaser, but a tweak makes it work. This romantic position is only made sweeter with the addition of attention to your clitoris. You can also try grabbing your ankles for stability, and an added stretch. Less in-and-out motion can make for a more consistent connection. Wrap your legs around him and hug each other for support. Your partner enters you from a kneeling position. If it isnt working: Switch up your movements, says Kerner. Since youre on your sides, you have enough support to easily provide some manual stimulation, says Kerner. Rub yourself against him to get the stimulation you need, says Kerner. Plus, this position provides extra support, which is helpful for long sex seshes (and pleasuring your clit.).

Yeah, that basically sums up your clit. Have your partner enters you from a missionary position. If it isnt working: Instead of having him do all the work, slip your arms around his back, hold him close to you, and rub your body against his. From here, you can control the angle and depth of the entry and thrusts. From here, you get the same full-body press (good news for your clit). The added pressure might be just what you need to reach the big O). Again, this position allows for deep penetration and easy access to your clit.

Have him ride high and focus on pressing down on your body, says Kerner. Leap Frog image align"center" size"medium" caption" expand" crop"original image. Once youre both comfortably positioned, you can get into a great grinding rhythm against his leg, says Kerner. "But leaning back offers the best angle to press into each other.". From here, play around with the position a bitshift the angle of your legs to change the sensation for both of you. Its an oldie and a goodie for a reason. Instead of regular thrusting, have your partner move your body up and down against his. Your partner kneels, straddling your right leg and curling your left leg around his left side. Rather than thrusting, try rocking to really make the most of this position.

You can give yourself a hand, or you can close the distance between your two bodies to go hands-free. Instead, hell have to move his body down a bit each time he wants to get deeper, which means his pelvis and the shaft of his penis can massage your clitoris. To do this variation, get on your hands and knees, then, keeping your hips raised, rest your head and arms on the bed. If it isnt working: If the thrusting makes it hard for him to keep his hand on target, have him grind against you in circles instead. This ones especially good if youve got a long-armed guy (wheres.

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